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Porn: New studies confirm a calamitous effect on men’s sexuality

According to a study by the abuse of pornography would have adverse consequences on sexuality?”Porn” would have a significant impact on the psycho-sexual health of men who abuse it. How to explain this link? Why are women less concerned by this phenomenon?

The damage of pornography is not a new thing that we would learn today through xxx impinges. We have seen that for a very long time in our consultations.

Pornography or porn is a genitally explicit scripted sexuality.

Great cinema that uses precise language and codes! Everything is made to stick to the most varied fantasies for a predominantly male audience and mostly made by men.The problem we see is a generalization of the use of this type of content as a source of sexual arousal in our patients, and since very young.

Codes of sexual attraction (or fantasies) appear at the time of puberty during the first masturbations. These are intellectual codifications that trigger and maintain a genital excitement.

The problem of pornography is not the support itself, but rather the use of it by the consumer. This is the multiplication and variety of images and videos with a tendency to move quickly from one content to another to maintain a sexual arousal that is problematic. This escalation of consumption can lead to an exclusive mode of recourse, somewhat like a kind of addiction. For the human brain, the notion of pleasure, and therefore of reward, is rapid, the more it seeks to reproduce the behavior that is at its origin. We can thus quickly switch into compulsion or addiction. This is the same principle in addictions to substances.

On the other hand, like drug users, people who use pornography diligently can develop a kind of tolerance for the content they consume, causing them to push the boundaries to the most exciting. They go on registers more and more limiting or exclusive.

The reality is then often very tasteless for these people, it is no longer found between their sexual fantasy and the reality of their codes of sexual attraction.

Women are less affected in their sexuality by this type of content because, first, they are less consuming, and then they remain functional sexually even if their sexual desire may be less present or their partner does not match. Finally, the need to fill in the sexuality between a man and a woman can be different.

Result of Pornography Impinges

The results of this work suggest that pornography could be one of the explanations for erectile dysfunction in men. What is the danger for real partners?

The erectile disorders of porn consumers are of several orders: codes of sexual attractions incongruous between the sexual imaginary and reality, usually rather exclusive register (= my excitement is not stimulated in reality compared to what I will look for in my fantasies). Erectile dysfunction can also be linked to non-reproducible limiting partner excitation modes as well as to performance anxiety. Imagine the pressure a young man has on his / her partner by comparing himself with the performers he visualizes in the videos.

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